Sunday, January 2, 2011

Connor's 1st Birthday

Connor's 1st birthday was spent at my mom's home with family and friends and Connor had so much fun with all of his "people" giving him so much attention

He LOVED the cake!

Big Brother Caleb loved his too, but ate his in a slightly more orderly fashion...

Oh, my! For obvious reasons, a bath was in order shortly after this picture was taken.

Halloween 2010

Caleb was Superman for Halloween and was ready with his giant bucket (no small pumpkin for this guy!) to get loaded down with candy.

Connor was Elmo for Halloween and enjoyed tasting his first piece of chocolate. Having just learned to walk, this was a short lived ride in the stroller at "Boo at the Zoo"

Summer 2010

Connor sporting his "Red, White, and Blue"

Caleb's Car Wash

Caleb's 2nd Birthday

For Caleb's 2nd Birthday we went to TreeTop Family Adventure in Chelsea, AL and let the kiddos bowl and play in the indoor TreeHouse. It was loads of fun and even the adults had fun with the bowling and arcade they have. Connor enjoyed watching the festivities and tasting the pizza and cake as well.

March 2010

Connor - 5mo

Caleb - 21 mo


Caleb Meets Connor for the First Time - November 6, 2009

Caleb & Connor - January 2010

Connor is nervous about his big brother but it didn't last. Soon he became fascinated with him and now follows him everywhere!!