Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Resolution

I hate New Year's Resolutions...why you may ask? Because I seldom follow through with them! However, I am only making one at this point: I will attempt to update my blog on a regular basis. This is for those of you (and you all know who you are!!!) who give me grief about not showing off my kiddos. But also this is of course to show off my kiddos!!! So I will start with an update on our New Year's weekend.

Jeremy and I took a bit of time off and had a "staycation" this past weekend. This means that I did some much needed things around the house to feel much more and spent some much needed time with adult friends; Jeremy vegged out with his news radio, NPR book, and generally relaxed in the way he chose to (organizing the house does not relax him like it does me!). That is not to say we did not spend quite a bit of time together; we actually had a kid-free lunch and dinner each day, sat on the couch next to each other with no 2yo in between us, and had adult conversation that sometimes was not about the kidlets. All in all, it was a wonderful time! (In an aside, a HUGE thank you to the grandparents for keeping the kids for us to give us some much needed rest and time together!)

So for the first time in years, the blog is up-to-date...I have added pictures since Connor's birth and will try to do better. For others who know me well, you can also click on the Yah-Yah King Xanga link to see more frequent updates!

Christmas 2010

Playing with the Jr. Workbench that Santa we see a woodworker in the future?

Snuggling with Mommy on a soft blanket hand-knit by his Aunt Tracy

Ready and waiting on a ball to be thrown from Papa

No more pictures please!!!

Post dinner with his big belly...

Gotta love that smile

Barney, really?

Yeah! I can tear it apart!

Brothers playing together for a brief moment. Notice Caleb holding onto a ball that was to Connor from Santa and Connor playing with a racetrack from Santa to Caleb. Hmm...maybe Santa learned a lesson this year and all toys will go in a big pile next year :)

Here Comes Trouble...

While doing laundry, I went to put up some clothes and was gone from the dryer for 90 seconds, came back around the corner and this is what I found...I believe I have a LONG road ahead if these two can do this now! Caleb pulled a basket in front of the dryer, climbed in, and also convinced his brother to follow in that short period of time. Again, Oh my!!!