Saturday, January 22, 2011

Connor's 1st Hair Cut

Today was Connor's 1st haircut. Yes, I know, I waited WAY too long. I realize that "shag" is an understatement for what his hair looked like prior to the haircut. But I can tell you, this Mommy was very sad that her baby was old enough to get his hair cut for the first time (of course 14 months is a little old).

This is the "before" picture. Keep in mind, he and Caleb had found some lotion this morning and smeared that all over themselves, so even a bath did not completely tame the "water-resistant lotion" hair.

Big Brother Caleb went first to show Connor how things work...I am so proud of Caleb! He did a great job--followed directions, stayed still, and didn't act like a typical 2yo during the cut.

Post hair cut play time is in order for the Big Brother

Connor seems unsure about being put in a "moo-moo"

The long bangs got cut first, so all of our pictures have those wonderful big blue eyes in them! He did such a fantastic job!!! Kym Casey cuts Jeremy's hair and has also cut Caleb's hair this past year. She does a great job keeping the boys entertained and cutting quickly. Connor found her spray bottle and that was his entertainment for the cut. He played with that the whole time and we never needed the bag of toys and snacks that Mommy brought.

"Is it almost over Mommy?"

"Oh, my. All the pictures...of course I know I am terribly cute, but stop it you all. You are embarrasing me!"

We now have a "Big Boy Cut" and he has aged in the span of 20 mins to look to me like he is at least 18mo. What a difference getting rid of the "mullet" makes!!

Both my handsome boys...Caleb sharing his Cheerios, Connor sweetly saying please. All was right with the world in that moment.

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