Saturday, January 22, 2011

Leisurely Saturdays

I decided to take pictures over the past month or so of activities around our house on Saturdays. That is the only real "lazy" time we get to have, so we often spend mornings in our PJs enjoying the respite from the crazy week.
Early mornings, before Daddy wakes up (and sometimes before the sunrise), the boys get the special treat of "chillin" in Daddy's chair. They think they are such BIG boys and love to just lay back...they even pose for the camera from time to time.

Caleb blesses the food with "God Our Father"...unfortunately, as you can tell from the mouthful of food and cream cheese on the mouth, he often forgets this important part of the meal until after he has had several bites. But hey, at least most of their food is blessed right?
Caleb thoroughly enjoys his bagels for breakfast...or at least the cream cheese on top of them.
Connor enjoys cereal for breakfast...Mommy hasn't been brave enough to let him have milk with his cereal just yet, so he eats it dry; but since he eats 3-4 helpings and Caleb feeds him some of his breakfast, I don't think he will starve.

After breakfast, this is one cool dude!!

Caleb is a big help "cleaning" the kitchen after meals...of course, this vacuum doesn't quite pick up all the bits and pieces that Connor throws to the floor when he decides he is done eating.

"Um, exactly what do you plan to do with that bowling pin, Caleb?"
"Oh, nothing, Connor..."
Aren't they a handsome pair? And they look like they love each other too :)

Connor is getting so big. He can do many of the things at the park by himself...which is good because he is the most independent child I know about some things. He doesn't want ANY help getting up and down the stairs or moving around on the play equipment (which has led to a few falls).

The only person he lets help him around the park and playground equipment is Caleb. Connor adores his big brother, and Caleb is a fantastic brother teaching Connor about toys, helping him over steps, and holding his hand and leading him to the swings.

This is not the best picture of Caleb...he was mad at Connor because of the squealing Connor was doing. "Hush, Connor" could be heard screamed all across the playground.
And so besides naps, temper tantrums, scattered toys, and general chaos, this is a typical "leisurely" Saturday.

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